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May 19 2015


How to Install a Wood Fence


Placing a fence around your house or business has numerous advantages. A fence can be quite a great way to keep out criminals and burglars. It may also keep children or pets safe along with maintain privacy from peering eyes. - Long Island fence companies

Fence companies offer various types of fences you can choose from. Even though many people get vinyl or PVC fences since they have a low cost and therefore are easily maintained. However, they don't look nearly as good being a wood fence.

If you are intending to install a wood fence around your home or business, you want to make sure that you follow all of the right steps and get it done correctly. Here are some tips to help you put up your fence:

 Choosing. There are numerous varieties of wood fences. Make sure that you pick the right type of fence to match with your yard. Some of the different types include picket fences, basket weave fences, and straightforward board fences.
 Tools. Be sure to have all the right tools on hand before beginning the installation. You'll likely need a wide variety of things, however the essentials that you will definitely need are hammer, saw, level, and concrete.
 Spacing. Make sure that you evenly space the fence so that rails all line up evenly. Posts are often set from six or eight inches apart.
 Digging. It's important to dig the holes deep enough in order that the posts are set firmly. One third of each post ought to be underground.
 Packing. To make certain that your fence posts are steady, place gravel inside the hole before packing the dirt or concrete. You are able to brace it with nails or stakes until the post settles in firmly.
 Rails. Now it is time to add the rails. Add rails up and bottom from the posts. There are three different types of joints that you can use to attach the rails. A lap joint may be the easiest, but attaches to the post itself as opposed to the surface. A butt joint 's better to use but a bit more difficult to attach. Slotted joints are used on decorative fences and really should be treated with preservatives to avoid rotting.
 Alignment. Measure cautiously to make sure that the rails are evenly attached on every post. It will be very noticeable if posts are uneven or crooked. - Long Island fence companies

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